Let Shaftesbury Garage, MOT Service and Repair Centre in Barnet take care of your battery fitting. We source only the best quality products around and we will install your new battery no matter where the battery is. We will also dispose of your old battery so you don’t have to lug it around and wonder what to do with it. You will have peace of mind that your battery will be disposed of in the correct manner. You will also be pleased to know that your batteries will come with a guarantee so if there are any problems, let us know.

> Fast, quality service.
> Old batteries will be disposed of and correctly recycled with consideration to the environment.
> Our Mechanics will be able to install the battery in all hard-to-reach areas, whether the installation is for a tall vehicle or beneath the boot of a car.
> The service includes the “core” charge of a new battery.

> We also have the means to test your battery to check its current charge level should you wish to have your battery charge checked.

> Batteries are guaranteed and are of the highest quality.

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