Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection became more common in petrol engines in the 1980’s as an alternative to carburetors. They are a more efficient method of pushing (injecting) the fuel to the engine as appose to the carburetor using suction. This in turn increases fuel efficiency and improves engine performance, especially for cold starts.

Fuel injection is also a more cost effective alternative as well as having reduced maintenance costs and increased reliability. Since Fuel injectors came in to the automotive industry the carburetor has become obsolete and has since been eliminated from the modern car. Over the years, there have been improvements and additions to make fuel injection even more efficient, such as the use of multi-injectors.

Diagnostic Repairs

As vehicles have modernised over time and utilise electrical power more than ever, it has allowed almost all elements to become diagnosable through a diagnostic repair system making repair more efficient and cost effective. Almost all issues can be easily sought by connecting a diagnostic repair system directly to the vehicle where all current issues are listed one by one. Mechanic are then able to directly repair any issue found without the need of spending time to find the issue individually.

We at Shaftesbury Garage conduct all fuel injection and diagnostic repairs. If you have a warning light displaying on your dashboard and are unclear about what it means, bring it down to us and we can sort it for you.

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